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Curiosity, Observation, Wonder and Humor, coming from my child’s eye view of the world, have remained constants in my life. Twice blessed, I was raised in the country, while often exposed to art and culture in nearby Kansas City, MO, where I was born.

My grandfather, who gave me his box of sketching materials, had been a night watchman at the Nelson-­Atkins Gallery of Art. Its paintings and sculptures fascinated me as much as the bugs and chickens at home. My grandmother had framed prints of masterpieces in their home (I loved the Goya.)

In 1954, our family headed west on Route 66, through the most exciting landscapes I’d ever seen. Settled in the forest near Prescott, AZ, I found yet more wonders to engage me­­ – wild animals, weird insects, reptiles, unusual plants and fantastic rocks.

At 18 I returned to Missouri for foundation classes at the Kansas City Art Institute.  From Arizona State University I chose a BFA in graphic design, because I liked the freedom of form and color. Meanwhile, I fell in love with the desert for all of ITS forms and colors, and remained in Phoenix as a freelance artist for 30 years.

In 2000 I returned to our forest home in Prescott, working in paint, assemblage, and sculpture. I draw inspiration from the wondrous complexity and relationships between all living things. I see plants, animals, humans and elements in an ongoing process of evolution and invention. Art is my way of drawing the viewer to experience this interplay – whether dramatic, sacred, profane or humorous – between all living things. My art explores the fluid and permeable boundaries between humans and animals and plants.

My home in the Prescott National Forest


Van Gogh’s Ear – Prescott, Arizona
Kiowa Gallery – Alpine, Texas


Foundation Courses, Kansas City Art Institute, 1965-66
BFA Graphic Design, Arizona State University, 1969