Carolyn Schmitz

Curiosity, Observation, Wonder and Humor, coming from my child’s eye view of the world, have remained constants in my life.

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Carolyn moved with her family to the mountains outside of Prescott, Arizona in 1952. Drawing, painting, and sculpting from an early age, she initially completed foundation courses at Kansas City Art Institute before receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design at Arizona State University.

For nearly 30 years Carolyn lived in the raw desert near Phoenix, freelancing as an illustrator and muralist before returning to her forest home. Sprnkled throughout Phoenix and Paradise Valley are many homes and businesses graced with her tromp l'oeil murals.

Carolyn’s small, whimsical portraits of the wildlife of the American West focus on intricate botanical detail. Her line of greeting cards, Desert Dada, has brought the subtle beauties of this arid land to people around the world, inspiring them to open their eyes to yet more treasures that await discovery in their own local habitats.

Painting "The Squirrel's Dream"