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Desert Dada

Ajo Lily

Ajo Lily



A Burrowing Owl from Ajo turned heads at the Wild Hat Celebration. Her tree-dwelling kin were envious. Unlike them, she often puttered about among the desert shrubs in search of rodents. One dusky evening she had come upon some low dunes illuminated by colonies of Desert Lilies. “Whoooo”, she whispered. Here was The Look she wanted!
In exchange for his handiwork, a Brush Mouse was offered safe passage by the owl. Around her shoulders he wound strands of Creosote seeds, Desert Chicory, and feather-soft blooms of acacia and Desert Fern. To a pad of cactus fiber, he nimbly affixed midnight-blue Desert Bells, a constellation of Gravel Ghost flowers on their invisible stems, and finally one moon-bright lily with its long, rippling leaves. The owl blinked her approval and the mouse nestled under a petal.
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