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Desert Dada

Desert Stars

Desert Stars



Everyone suspected the ravens. That impossible gathering of both predator and prey under a desert moon had a hint of chicanery, not chance. Though the dust had long since settled, there was still “talk”.
An elderly Gila Monster couple, dressed comfortably in jumpsuits beaded with obsidian and rose quartz, dragged their agave lounges to a sunny spot among cholla, Bahia, and daisy-like Desert Stars. Gazing dreamily at a dust devil spinning across the flats, they recalled the event that had happened many springs ago.
“ What a heady time,” he laughed.
“It was risky!” she gasped. “Madness caused by those bratty birds!”
“QUONK”, a raven startled them from an ironwood tree. “Lighten up, you two beanbags. It was fun!”

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