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Desert Dada

Javelina General

Javelina General



An elderly Javelina bristled with pride in his many decorations – earned during a lifetime of toughing it out, doing what he had to do. His helmet of saguaro skin held raven feathers, spears of agave leaves, Devils Claws, Chuparosa, a Mojave Aster, and links of scorpion tails. His snout was pierced with scorpion pincers. A jacket of Prickly Pear cactus skin was edged with Centipede and Scorpion tail soutache, with cactus fruits on epaulettes. Rattlesnake rattles and fangs, Palo Verde and Desert Fern flowers, Mesquite pods, Barrel Cactus spines, and a string of creosote seeds all held great significance.
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