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Desert Dada

Lucky Boy

Lucky Boy



A Coati Mundi ran into a Darkling Beetle while out nosing around. “You smell weird,” he snorted.
“Are you a clown?” retorted the bug, eyeing the shabby fedora with its odd assortment of fetishes.
They immediately became friends. The beetle climbed aboard among Devil’s Claw, Fairy Duster, Screwbean Mesquite, and Datura pods; a nopalito, and a Vermilion Flycatcher’s feather. They set out for the Wild Hat Celebration, gathering wildflowers along the way. Milkweed, globemallow, acacia, salvia, Palo Verde, Tahoka Daisies, Desert Phlox, Broom Dalea, and tufted grasses made ideal tokens of good will.
“We also brought along a sprig of Allthorn. Chances are somebody will need a little jab.”
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