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Desert Dada

The Birdwatcher

The Birdwatcher



Most bears wear the same predictable thing every day. Not this Arizona black bear! With hundreds of species of birds continuously passing through her habitat, she has the luxury of spontaneously changing, unpredictable, living adornments!
Here, she hosts several birds as they pause during their daily activities. A blue grosbeak fiddles with one of the mutant ponderosa pine needles on her hat. Aspen, Gambel oak, and mullein leaves, with a spray of pine needles, are anchored with coils of grape vines. Her earring and necklace are oak galls; hornet abdomens form a tiny bracelet. White­breasted and pygmy nuthatches perch on one paw while a green­tailed towhee rests momentarily on the other.
After these birds flit away, different ones will come, refreshing her style for at least another few minutes!
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