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Desert Dada

The Blue Button

The Blue Button



A javelina girl, feeling as lackluster as the husk of an old cholla, sat spellbound by a large prickly pear cactus smothered with hundreds of luxuriant blooms.
“If only I could be so lovely!” she exclaimed.
A cactus wren, busily tinkering with a complex mass of twigs, paused and cocked his head at her.
“You have a vision,” he said, “and I am a master craftsman. Let’s make you shine!”
Choosing a plump cactus pad for a broad-brimmed hat, he worked magic with bits of acacia, Desert Fern, Fairy Duster, Creosote, Devil’s Claws, snake skins, and even scorpion tails. He pierced her ear with Barrel Cactus spines, then topped it all with a curious blue gem.
“It appears to be the snout of a tiny piglet–perfect for one as pretty as you.”
The javelina girl beamed.
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