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Desert Dada

The Collector

The Collector



As the hat sighting was tossed about among the animals they became increasingly curious.
“Maybe the javelinas just wanted to spiff up their scruffy kids,” a deer speculated.
“I’d love to wear a hat,” said a coyote.
“I’d never be caught dead in a hat,” grumbled a badger.
“Why wear stuff I could eat?” objected a ground squirrel.
More animals joined the spirited discussion. “How can we make hats?” asked those with hooves and paws.
“You can’t,” barked a raccoon.
“Relax,” said a Roadrunner. “We birds and rodents can help. A hat is just an artsy upside-down nest.”
“Kraaaa!” a raven got everyone’s attention. “Let’s have a costume ball! A competition!”
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