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Desert Dada

The Wedding Bower

The Wedding Bower



One thing more beautiful than a Gila Lizard is a Gila Lizard on her wedding day! (A creature this lovely should never be called a “monster”!)

In a veil of snakeskin organza and a halo of desert blossoms, she smiles at her beloved. A Gila woodpecker, he first spotted her from his saguaro penthouse. She was sunbathing on a rock below, her body shimmering with beads of coral and indigo. Enchanted, he knew instantly that they would be together forever. Now, handsomely dressed in his necklace of scorpion tails, he offers her the supreme delicacy – a hummingbird’s egg. Her dainty fingers twirl a garland of creosote seeds in anticipation. As a ground dweller, to dream of such a treat is to reach for the stars!

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